"a wall between two gardens"
Hunter Clarington, 22 years old.

I'm a sophomore at McKinley University in New York City, New York. I'm studying history, and I'm currently working two jobs, one at a sports bar downtown and one as a research assistant for one of my professors.

bastiansmythee said: {text} I tried for you, babe. He's not interested. He considers you a close friend and he doesn't want to dent that.

[Text]: Damn.


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{Private} Is it too late to go home?


No. Because you’ll get distracted and miss the part where I sexily remove all of my clothing for you.

Hot wax? I’m completely fine with plugs and vibrators. I have my own, after all, but hot wax? … A third person watching you fuck me? .. yeah. I could be into that.

You could have a picture of Kagney Linn Karter’s vagina on your wall and I would not miss the part where you sexily remove your clothes for me. Don’t worry.

Hot wax, yes.. Just a small candle or something, nothing insane. Momentary burn and then it cools on your skin and gets hard and I just think the sensation would be interesting. You don’t want to drip hot wax on me, babe? I can’t think of anyone who’d WANT to watch me fuck you, but it’s more the idea of it, I suppose. It’s hot.

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{Private} Is it too late to go home?

Not of a penis, Hunter. Maybe I’ll find some breasts.

… Hunter. How many things are there and what are the top three?

Well, that would be nice viewing material for me. I approve of this plan.

Maybe like.. twenty-three? Twenty-five? There’s a lot that I’m curious about. The top three are hot wax, anal plugs, and anal vibrators. And in a public place. And with a third person watching. And leather.

{Private} Is it too late to go home?


Don’t be embarrassed by your own penis. Fine. I’ll find an old one. Not of you, but of somebody.

A hammock? How do you fuck in a hammock without it… tipping…? Wait. You have a list? How long is this list, exactly?

It had better not be of me. I’ll know if it is. I’m very intimate with those areas of myself.

Ummm.. heh..

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{Private} Is it too late to go home?


I refuse to put a picture of any part of myself on my bedroom wall. And I can’t put a picture of my mom and I there, because I have sex on that bed and she’ll be watching me.

Researched it, huh? The images of you watching gay porn are great, by the way. So you know what you’re doing. Fancy telling me what you plan to do to me? I’ll have to think about whether it’s suitable.

Well, you’re not doing it with my parts either. I’d never be able to go in your room again, I’d be too embarrassed.

Mhm. Well, I saw a lot of interesting videos.. One was of two men going at it in a hammock of all things. I have no idea where we’d ever find a hammock, but I still had to put it on my list anyway.

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Harlington Texts

Eve: A dying man who tries to do anything to make himself feel alive again. Not by taking drugs but by making them because he's good at it and he likes being good at something.
Hunt: Oh wow.
Hunt: I wasn't.. expecting that. That sounds very interesting.
Hunt: Is that why you like it?

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{Private} Is it too late to go home?


They did not. I need a new picture for my bedroom wall. If I position it well enough, nobody would recognise it as a dick.

You’re not allowed to disagree with me. So. You just randomly decided that you want to fuck me now? What changed?

Hahaha, oh my god, no. No way. You’re not putting my dick up on your wall. Do it with your own.

Not randomly. I’ve wanted to for a long time. I wanted to the last time you suggested it, I was just.. nervous. About hurting you, and about not knowing what I was doing. But I’ve researched it now. I think I have.. uh.. a working knowledge of the mechanics, at least.

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{Private} Is it too late to go home?


I’ve given you two. The ones I have of you don’t count because I didn’t get to touch you afterwards.

I like the sound of it. It makes perfect sense. My mom would allow it. I’m not used to going without sex, Hunt. Desperate isn’t a good look on me.

They counted.

Ohh, I disagree with you there. Strenuously.

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"Why do you have a sword?"
"Because I’m a knight."

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